It is time to indulge in an experience that soothes your deepest impulses. Subtle yet meaningful, this premium dark drink is more than water. Infused with nature’s own minerals that were settled in the earth’s crust for over 80 million years. It is alkaline, it is pure, it is the new-age refreshing side of life.
“Evocus is alkaline water enriched with 70+ natural minerals with a pH of 8.5+
Alkaline water helps neutralize toxins and excessive acidity in the bloodstream which leads to increased oxygen levels with improved energy and metabolism. Alkaline water along with natural minerals possess antioxidants, anti-ageing and anti-acidity properties. It cleanses the colon and rejuvenates the skin.

The minerals infused to enrich evocus is naturally black in colour, which in turn lends EVOCUS its unique dark black colour.

Evocus has several benefits and advantages under the heading product details and benefits.”
Pooja Makhija, Celebrity Nutritionist
Ambica Anand, NDTV Anchor
Yasmin Karachiwala, Celebrity FItness Trainer
Pack of 6
$ 29.99
500 ml each
Pack of 12
$ 59.99
500 ml each
Pack of 24
$ 119.99
500 ml each
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