What is Evocus?
Evocus is alkaline water enriched with 70+ minerals. Evocus is black in colour.
Why is the water black?
EVOCUS H2O is black because it is alkaline water infused with 100% Organic Minerals which are naturally black in colour, sourced from the depths of the earth from a rare deposit in Texas, USA.
What is alkaline water?
All liquids including water can be classified into 2 categories depending on the Ph scale. The Ph ranges from 1 to 14, where 7 is neutral , which is the Ph level of almost all water. Anything less than 7 ph is considered acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline. Evocus is proudly alkaline with a Ph level of 8.5+
Why should I buy evocus?
EVOCUS provides you with superior hydration, better detoxification, improved metabolism and heightened alertness, all through the day, day after day. Evocus is your feel good factor, health signature, style statement and game changing water with a difference– all in one bottle.
Is it safe for infants?
We recommend you to discuss with your doctor before consumption 
Is it safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers?
We recommend you to discuss with your doctor before consumption 
Can we use this water for cooking?
Yes, one can use Evocus for cooking as long as the temperatures stays under 300 Celsius (572 Fahrenheit). This is another way to infused needed minerals into foods and beverages.
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